“This was no watered-down … mix; rather, it was a thick, eye-popping blend of tomato juice, horseradish and spices.”
The New Haven Advocate, March 2000

"the finest I have ever tasted" 

“Just a quick word to let you know that, beyond all doubt, your Bloody Bold bloody mary mix is the finest I have ever tasted – anywhere, including all sorts of bars and restaurants. There are a small handful of restaurants where I will now order a bloody mary and these only because I have tried them before and found to put out a pretty fair drink – but a distant second to a drink made with Bloody Bold! Congratulations on a super product!”
Glastonbury, CT

"can’t get enough"

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your bloody mary mix! We have been hooked ever since! Normally, when we would go out and order bloody mary’s they would always be disappointing; watery and not enough spice or kick in them. Your mix is the total opposite, rich, plenty of spice and the perfect amount of kick! We can’t get enough of it now. Great job and keep up the good work!”
- Nicole
Bellingham, MA

"Nothing compares" 

“I’ve been bartending for 9 years, and have never cared for the taste of bloody marys, or liquor for that matter, but while working an upscale country club recently, I tasted Bloody Bold, and have been enjoying bloody marys ever since. Nothing compares to Bloody Bold! Thanks again for creating such a mouth watering product.”
North Palm Beach, FL


“A unique blend of fresh and pure all-natural ingredients, Bloody Bold offers a truly special Bloody Mary taste. There are no preservatives in this mixer. Not only is Bloody Bold great for drinks, but it also lends itself to cooking with a variety of foods including a marinade for fish or chicken and as an all-natural barbecue sauce for grilling.”
Food Distribution Magazine


“Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. I have been drinking bloody marys for 30 or so years (yes the drinking age in NY was 18 way back then). It is the only cocktail I drink much to the dismay of my husband. Always fearful of disappointment, no one even attempts to make the “perfect” bloody mary for me and my husband has pleaded with me over the years to find a new drink. But once a bloody mary lover – always a bloody mary lover! Now that has all changed. Last week when I was checking out at Westbury Liquors there was a bottle of Bloody Bold on the counter. I thought, why not give it a try. Well I did and I’m glad I did – it’s the best! My husband is thrilled too as are my sons who will gladly make me a bloody mary anytime now!”
- Carol
Long Island, NY


“I have never cared for bloody marys as I am more of a martini drinker. But I must say that Bloody Bold bloody mary mix is outstanding! It is so good, that I cannot remember the last time I have had a martini! Your product is the best on the market and I am sharing it with friends and relatives! Thank you for an outstanding product in a world of mediocre drink mixes!”
- S.D.



”…with a sharp, clean but peppery taste and a hint of horseradish, Bloody Bold was quite good.”
The New York Times, August 27, 1997


“More than simply a seasoned tomato juice, it is made from all-natural products and has a delicious spicy flavor. Thick and rich, it makes an outstanding cocktail when mixed at a ratio of five parts mix and one part vodka, rum, gin or tequila. Or, use it to make a super non-alcoholic drink – simply pour it over ice and add a stick of celery.”
Nightclub & Bar, May 1997

"the best bloody mary I have ever had"

“I just had your bloody mary mix when I was on vacation, in Hilton Head, SC, at an outstanding restaurant named Red Fish. They use Bloody Bold. I have to admit it was by far the best bloody mary I have ever had. Thank you for making such a quality product.”
- Jane
Richmond, VA


Bloody Bold is an august, nonpareil, superlative mixer without equal, that including any ‘handcrafted’ home recipe concoctions I have tasted. While surely several features may have recommended this finest of elixirs to BB enthusiasts – its rich tomato taste, natural ingredients, velvety consistency, its unique essence as a tangy and nutritious vodka complement, inter alia – speaking for myself, it must be the substantial number of tasty horseradish bits which most particularly add that distinctive sine qua non and make BB more than merely noteworthy.

Joseph R. Helfrick